As a child, Grade founder, Sarah, was sent off to Italy to spend the summer with family. Flying alone, BA flight attendants would look after Sarah and bring her this particular fruit juice. Determined to relive those happy days and bring you the most delicious experience for your taste buds, Sarah tracked down the supplier for Pago. It’s nothing but 100% crushed fruit and comes in 6 flavours.


Soft Drinks

Pago Juices                                                            £2.25

Orange Juice

Pago Apple Juice

Pago Pineapple

Pago Peach Juice

Pago Pear Juice

Pago Strawberry Juice

Coca Cola                           330ml                        £2.50

Diet Coca Cola                                                      £2.25

Sprite                                                                    £2.25

Fanta                                                                    £2.25

Appletiser                                                             £2.25

San Pellegrino Orange                                         £2.20

San Pellegrino Lemon                                          £2.20

Kingsdown Sparkling Water                                £1.95

Kingsdown Still Water                                          £1.95

Tea From the Manor

Loose Leaf Teas

You can have a tea bag at home. The difference in taste of whole leaf tea is a luxury. Whole leaves retain their natural oil and rich flavour. The tea served at Grade has been sourced from local Cheshire tea merchants Tea From The Manor.

Teas – 2.25


English Breakfast

A blend of Ceylon and Assam tea. Full bodied with a coppery coloured brightness.

Earl Grey

Large leaf black tea scented with bergamot oil.

Green Mint

Famous for its refreshing virtues and with a delicate natural mint scent. You will appreciate the fresh taste of our blend.

Chun Mee Easy Green

A fragrant green tea with a distinctive yet delicate taste. The leaf is attractive, large and twisted with a little tip.

Lemon and Ginger

Lemon, joined by ginger, creates a harmonious blend. Lemon brings a zesty zing followed by the warming spice of the ginger.

Camomile Flower

Essential oils in flowers produce a soothing, pleasant and fruity character. A beautiful yellow cup, which gives way to a sweet, surprisingly juicy flavour of camomile.

Red Berry

A fruit blend consisting of red berries, hibiscus, rosehip, apple pieces and orange peel.


Teapigs. Caffeine free.


Our exclusive House Blend

The house blend at Grade is the result of a long search for a coffee that is distinctive and delicious. It is our own exclusive blend of Arabica beans from Brazil, Costa and Indonesia – just right for coffee lovers.

– “Perfect for those who like a complex shot, our coffee is versatile and sweet.” –

Perfect for those who like a complex shot, our coffee is versatile and sweet. The Brazil gives the body whilst the Costa Rica gives all the fruit notes. The Costa Rica also adds brightness and brings the coffee alive. The Indonesian helps with making the body bigger, controls the acidity a little and ensures that the coffee works well with milk.


Served only as a double because a single is simply not enough. Rich, smooth and naturally sweet. Brewed short and slowly to produce a coffee with big body. Served with a glass of water. £1.95


For those who love coffee without milk. Our baristas add an espresso to your hot water for a longer shot. £2.40

Flat White

Beautifully textured velvety milk blended with a double Ristretto. A creamy delicious full flavoured coffee. £2.40


The perfect foam with the texture of melted ice cream is blended with our espresso so you drink through the foam the whole way. Delicious and comforting. £2.40

Café Latte

Our longest drink for those who love milk. Beautiful espresso with milk.£2.40


Double espresso topped with equal amount of milk. Strong indeed! £2.40

Espresso Macchiato

Double espresso marked with a touch of foam, just a touch to soften your shot of indulgence. £2.40

Mocha Coffee

One third espresso, two thirds steamed milk with a chocolate shot added! £2.75

Liqueur Coffee

Calypso Coffee Tia Maria – £5.95

Irish Coffee – £5.95

Baileys Coffee – £5.95


Caramel, Hazelnut, Gingerbread, Vanilla – £0.75

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate –  £2.50

Deluxe Hot Chocolate (marshmallows & cream) £2.95

Wine List

Whites, Reds, Rosé, Sparkling & Champagne

White Wines

House White – El Molturo – Spain

With flavours of white peach, elderflower and lime this is a light, fresh and delightfully well balanced wine.

125ml £2.65 175ml £3.70 Bottle £14.95

Sauvignon Blanc –  La Tierra Rocosa – Chile

Elegant and clean, this wine offers and abundance of passion fruit, grapefruit and lemon fruit flavours.

125ml £2.90 175ml £3.95 Bottle £16.50

Pinot Grigio – Malandrino, Italy

This is a clean and elegant wine with real finesse. Showing balanced flavours of pear, stone fruit and lime.

125ml £3.00 175ml £4.00 Bottle £16.95

Chardonnay – Big Bombora, Australia

This is a soft and rounded wine with characteristics of cooked apple and underlying notes of vanilla.

Bottle £17.95

Rioja – Camino Real Blanco – Spain

Subtle flavours of cooked apple and peach. This wine has a generous mouth feel with a soft polished finish.

Bottle £19.95

Sauvignon Blanc – Fernlands, Marlborough – Australia

Wonderful balance between tropical and herbaceous flavours. Gooseberry and green pepper mingle with mango and guava.

Bottle £25.95

Rosé Wines

Blushmore Zinfandel – Rosé – Italy

A fantastic example of an off-dry, easy drinking wine, full of summer fruit flavours with a hint of sweetness.

125ml £2.90 175ml £3.95 Bottle £15.95

Torre Alta Pinot Grigio – Rosé – Italy

Fresh red fruits and wild strawberries leading to a palate with hints of peach and apricot. Subtle and elegant.

125ml £3.00 175ml £4.00 Bottle £16.95

Chateau Saint Hippolyte, Côtes de Provence – South of France

A crisp, dry wine with elegant aromas of roses and red fruits with a long finish.

Bottle £20.95

Red Wines

El Molturo Tempranillo Garnacha – Spain

Aromas of ripe cherries and strawberries mingle with gentle pepper and spice, smooth on the palate.

125ml £2.65 175ml £3.70 Bottle £14.95

La Tierra Rocosa Merlot – Chile

Offers good concentration and depth of fruit with a soft and plummy texture and hints of vanilla.

125ml £2.90 175ml £3.95 Bottle £16.50

Five Foot Track Shiraz – Australia

A pleasing balance between ripe fruit and savoury, earthy notes. This wine is succulent with lashings of bramble fruit.

125ml £3.00 175ml £4.00 Bottle £16.95

Oltre Passo Primitivo – Italy

Flavours of dried prune, date and plump cherry, with swathes of sweet spice.

Bottle £18.95

Riscos Malbec – Chile

Heavy, bold and brimming with stewed black fruits and hints of coffee. A powerful and opulent red.

Bottle £19.95

Marques de Laia Crianza – Rioja – Spain

Full of black fruit with hints of cocoa, clove and cinnamon. Supple tannins. Tempered by lush sweet oak.

Bottle £22.95

Fairhill Cliffs – Pinot Noir – New Zealand

Intense red cherry and cassis in addition to spice, earth, brambles and a touch of wood smoke.

Bottle £27.95

Sparkling & Champagne

Prosecco – Corte Alta – Italy

Delicate and aromatic with fine bubbles. This wine carries lots of fresh peach, pear and an elegant zest.

125ml £4.50 Bottle £21.95

Raboso Rosato – Corte Alta – Italy

Fresh and harmonious, displaying plenty of red apple and strawberry flavours. A nice balance of ripe red fruits.

Bottle £22.95

Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Champagne 

A light, fresh and fruity Champagne with discreet bubbles and subtle overtones of apples, pears and citrus fruits.

Bottle £38.00

Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne

Veuve Clicquot age their non-vintage for almost twice the required time. Resulting in a super marriage of freshness and power. With rich fruit and a mouth-filling mousse. Elegant flavours of yellow and white fruits, vanilla and toasty notes.

Bottle £65.00

Beers, Ciders & Spirits

Beer from the north east of Italy, Ciders from Somerset, French vodka and bourbon from Tennessee.

Draught Beer

Amstel – pint £4.20, half £2.95

Birra Morretti  – pint £4.70, half £3.00

Lagunitas IPA – pint £5.50

Bottle Beer

Peroni £3.80

Heineken  non – alcoholic £2.50

Draught Cider

Strongbow Cloudy Apple –  £3.95




Orchard Pig Reveller £4.75

Old Mout Cider Pom & Straw £4.75

Old Mout Cider Kiwi & Lime £4.75

Old Mout Cider Passion & Apple £4.75

Old Mout Cider Summer Berries £4.75



Grey Goose Vodka £3.50

Bacardi £3.25

Teachers £3.25

Jameson £2.95


Sambuca 25ml £2.50
Khalua £2.50
Aperol £2.50
Chambord £2.50

Gin & Cocktails


Hunters (Cheshire) 3.75

Hendricks (Scotland) 3.75

Brockmans £3.50

Forest  (Macclesfield Forest) 3.75

Manchester £3.85

Manchester Wild Spirit £3.75

Bombay Sapphire £3.50

Tanqueray No.10 £3.85

Warner Edwards Rhubarb £3.60

Pinkster £3.75






Bellini – Prosecco with peach purée £5.95

Twinkle –  Prosecco, elderflower liqueur £5.95

Chambord Royale – Chambord, Prosecco, raspberry £5.95

Espresso Martini – Vodka, Kahlua, coffee £6.95


Any of the above gins can be served with any of the following tonics:

Fever Tree Tonics £2.25

Indian tonic

Natural light tonic

Elderflower tonic

Mediterranean tonic

Schweppes Tonics £1.95

Crisp tonic

Cucumber tonic

Light tonic


Where To Find Us

and other useful information.

Grade Cafe, Poynton

Parking is available on our forecourt and we are a short walk from the Civic carpark behind Waitrose.

148 Park Ln, Poynton, Stockport SK12 1RG

Tel 01625 858 927

148 Park Ln, Poynton, Stockport SK12 1RG Tel 01625 858 927

Opening Hours

9:00am - 4:30pm
9:00am - 10:30pm
9:00am - 4:30pm




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